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This morning
Today I got up early and went to the gym to work out.  The class I wanted to take was full, so I ended up running on the treadmill for 35 minutes.

My reasoning for working out is three fold.  My first reason is to be in better shape, so that when I go up and down stairs I won't be so much out of breath.  The second is too loose wieght and there by feel better about myself.  I know I am buying into "society rules" when I think that,  perhaps if I'm "skinny" then guys might look at me and I might get a date.  I'm 48, never been married (came close a few times but it never worked out), no kids and feel pretty secure in my job.  So now I have gotten my career settled, I would like to concentrate on a relationship.  Where was I?  Oh yea, reason 3.  I love eyeing the guys while they are working out at the gym.

So anyway, about my love life (or lack there of) I have tried multiple dating sites (even paid for a few) but no success.  Never even got a nibble.  You would think that in all of Peoria, I could find someone out there.  Perhaps I'm too picky, or that I'm too shy and being picky helps keep me from stepping out of my "safe zone".   I ask my self why would I want a relationship?  I have great friends, supporting family and friendly neighbors (who look out for me).  Well, good question.  I think it is because I am getting older and would like to have someone to share my life with.  Someone to grow old with and support, while he supports me.  Plus, I just really think that  it sucks waking up alone!

Sheesh, what a downer.  Just call me Debbie!

Signing off.


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